What means to be as fashionable as possible? Is this a trend? Is something good or wrong? What we should do?
I believe that a person wich tries to be as fashionable as possible is at most ridiculous. Is just a fake person for a number of reason.
Firstly, to be a "fashionable as possible" person you should have done many research in this domain, but for me is a waste of time to do such of thing. In the world exist so much problems and some people are frightened at the thought of not matching the watch with the  strap. Existential problems, superficiality.
Secondly, I have no idea why people are so superficial, from when how you looks matters more than what kind of person you are...? I can look great in my father's clothes, the person wich is next to me in bed will love me for how I look without clothes, seeing my imperfection, and will respect me for my soul. It is such a difference between being mad after fashion and wearing something that is not dirty, doesn't matter what you wear, not ,,clothes make a man''.
Admittedly, fashion is an art, as exist  writers, painters, footballers, there must be and these kinds of people wich are fashionable as possible, is in their blood, however for me it matters more what behavior you have than clothes...
In conclusion a fashionable as possible person is just a person what is looking for attention.