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Former teacher I loved

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I knew have knownher since I was a little kid because we were have been neighbors. I would always greet her trough the gates and she would always smile at me happily. She had two kids that were older than me by 10 or 11 years that I used to play badminton with. She was a widow and lived in an old gothic house on the same street. She wasn’t such an important person to me until I was older and officially found out who she was. I’m going to name her Mrs. X. Mrs. X was a maths teacher at one of the best schools in my city. She was feared by all her student but respected by all her workmates. I was in the fourth grade at that time and she offered to help me at maths for the upcoming exam. At first she seemed a bit cold, probably wanting to test the waters with me, to see what kind of person I was and if she could work with me. She took me in for free and my father never failed to mention how greatfull greatful I should be to have such help form someone. Then she warmed up little by little and turned out to be one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She was kind and always gave me all kinds of things. She took care of me and offered me a lot of support and love when my parents divorced. She was like a ray of sunshine after a great storm. Mrs. X was like a mother to me and never failed to make me smile. I always tried my best at school so I would not disappoint her. Whenever I got a bad grade I would start crying just thinking of how I could confess to her something so shameful but she never got angry or disappointed.
She was and still is one of the special people I hold in my heart, I am so thankful to her because I realize that without her I would’ve never accomplished what I wanted.

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Honestly, this is absolutely heartwarming. Having this kind of support from someone is truly something special, something most people can only dream of.
Stories like this are, at least for me, awe-inspiring; they make me strive to be a better person, to be capable to one day be someone's Mrs X



This is what a great teacher looks like. Having someone by your side not only to teach you stuff about a subject but teach you trust and how to think. I am so happy you found such a person and you should be grateful not because she took you for free but because she opened up to you. I think that was a much greater thing than any sum of money.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Former teacher I loved