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Family reunion

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Family reunions can be enjoyable but they can also be an unpleasent unpleasant event. I remember last Christmas was one of the most interesting holiday...s.... I have ever had.
It was the first Christmas day, I had already gotten the present from my parents and I was ready to go to my grandparentsí to have lunch together, all of my big family except my aunt who lives in London. We all came at around 2 pm and we were ready to eat every dish my grandma ......had.... made.
We were having fun, like as always, because my family has a lot of members, we always have a good time, talking about what had happend lately. We had our first dish and we were waiting for the next one. The atmosphere was great. Everyone was smiling, talking, sharing presents right next to the Christmas tree, when, all of a sudden, the front door opened and I saw what I wasnít even thinkingdidnít think I could have seen, my aunt from England came home for Christmas as a surprise. Everyone was shocked, some were smiling some were happily crying, one of the best feeling..s... in the world.
That Christmas was the one I will never forget, the happines I felt that day was unbelieveble. I simply loved every second of it

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I'm sure you were extremely happy. I t is a very beautiful surprise, and you aunt must be a very family-oriented person. And I think that bigger families are also happier, as it is in your case. The more, the merrier, right? Because when you are part of a bigger family, you have so much more to learn from each member of the family, and in addition to this, you have more opportunities of going out somewhere, as if someone isn't free that day, you could go out with someone else.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Family reunion