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Music Festival

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The festival was both what I was expecting and defying my expectations at the same time.

On the outside it seemed like every bit the cliché music festival it was: it was outdoors, in the plains. There was the stage around which everything was revolving. There were trailers, cars and even some motorcycles, arranged in no particular way. Then there were the stands, some of which with with food, games, with T-shirts, pants and acces.....ories, all of them having using the logo of a band that was performing at the festival. The place was roady and crowdy crowded, ...... and [conjunctie] people barely managing managed to even move.

However, this festival defied my expectations through the feelings of family and community it brought. Everyone was joyous, laughing and having such a good time, it made you forget that everyone was a stranger to each other. They all had this thing in common, this one thing that brought them all there to celebrate together, as if fate itself .......... had decided that.

Then there was the discreet order of this place, which was easily missed if you didn't pay close attention: the empty space in the middle that was reserved for the people, surrounded by the stands, which were also surrounded by the vehicles. It was as if they were shielding everyone, protecting them from the outside world.

All in all, the festival was truly something else.

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I love music festivals.I think that you feel free when you are at a festival outside, in the night, with your friends and you're dancing and singing. I think that a music festival is something you should experience when you're young and ready to discover new feelings.



Wonderfull! The end was brilliant!  :cool: And the part when you said that it made you forget that everyone was a stranger.
           I like listening to music so when I saw the title it made me curious. It's a really nice description, whit many details.



Festivals are truly the best places to disconnect and recharge your batteries. They are the perfect place to party with your friends and to make new memories. After all these are the days of our lives and we should take advantage of them. We canít be forever young. So have fun while you can!



Hi Diana Banana. I've been to a music festival myself one time. Maybe it wasn't my favourite playlist, I don't listen to a lot of conventional music. But it didn't matter. I knew the songs from the radio and I had a great time. Everywhere I looked there were people that came for the same reason: love for music. I could finnaly be myself. That's the great thing about music, and arts in general:they bring people, no matter how different, together. It's a great way to make new friends.


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