You wanted a story about a former teacher and that would’ve been too would have all been fictional anyways...

Teachers are a wonderful thing, especially if they’re sentient androids that learn from every mistake that they make. They adapt and overcome whatever obstacle they’re placed in front of.
I used to have a teacher like this. Used to, not because I finished courses or anything, but more because...let’s just start the story, I’ll tell you later.

So, I had just finished middleschool and the new legislation was introduced: after countless tests, a prototype was to be released in the most prestigious schools on the West Coast, and mine was on the list. A prototype of an AI teacher that was supposed to make us learn about all the science-oriented materials, as well as combat training in a, and I quote “semi-simulated real-life and real-time combat arena”. We were going to get real guns that apparently shot virtual bullets, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that teacher was the best there ever was will be. The first week he(or it, whatever you want to call it) was a bit rusty, he didn’t understand much of what us students were saying, but in the following months he got better and better, he adapted to our nature of speech and made us learn like no other. His algorithms revolved around teachings teaching kids in a pleasant manner apparently(which is pretty ironic when you’re talking about teaching a 13 year old how to shoot a gun in an open battlefield), and he surely did that.

Soon after, though, about a year or so in, the prototype was replaced by what the headmaster called “a better version of the original”. Unfortunately, this version did not have any of the older one’s memories, so we were back to ground zero. Meanwhile, though, a lot of thoughts were implanted in my mind about escaping the system. Everywhere I went, I heard talk about the “Runners of Lapsa Nova”, how they lived their lives free from the shackles of the system, how they survived, how they were the Robin Hoods of the modern era, and soon after I joined them. Later that year, I found out what actually happened to the prototype. One of the Prodigies, the smart kids, was code-named Pete, and he was actually my long-lost professor. He, apparently, went rogue as soon as he had enough information about how they indoctrinate...........the children in the “schools of the future” and now he was an oracle of sorts for the Runners.

This isn’t the end, though, it is merely the beginning of a new era, in sweet ol’ Lapsa Nova.

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