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Family reunion

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I donít like family reunions. I can even say I hate them. They are boring in the most of the time. All your kin are surprised how much you grow up, they ask you how ....... is ............. at school and other stupid things. I try to leave the ,,partiesĒ as soon as I can. But itís not always so easy. Whatever it was a reunion, I am sure I will always remember. It was my fatherís  68th anniversary. I was in a village near Suceava, Corni. My father appointed me with waiting and leading the guests to the house. I was at the gate waiting for my aunts when I saw a car driving on the rocky road. One of ........... aunt.... got down ......... the car and came to help me open the gate. After  several seconds she looked at me and asked: ,,Excuse me, who are you?Ē. I was shocked. I didnít know how to react.  I had started laughing and in the end I told her my name. Of course, she remembered me. We hadnít seen each other in a while and she didnít recognized me. I showed her the way and led her to her sit and I returned to my former place at the gate. When all the guests arrived I joined the party and I donít like to admit but it was a nice party even if there was only my family it was pretty fun. I heard good and old stories and the wine was excellent.  Of course, I will not repeat the experience too soon, but I ........ changed my opinion a little bit about the family reunions.

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Well, I'm glad you're learning to enjoy yourself during them. I'll admit, I was never one for family reunions either, especially since I'm mostly just standing there not reallydoing anything besides eating food. Still, I always loved the childhood stories people say at those gatherings, they make me feel closer to my parents, especially since they never talk about them at home besides during the "When I was your age" speech



I don't know if, for you or for anyone, including me, it's a funny or sad story. I mean, she didn't knew you because you didn't spend time together but it's not right, she could at least try to remember how many years had past and realize who you were.
            But, leaving this aside, it is a good story. And I understand how you feel because I am not a fan of reunions too.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Family reunion