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former teacher you liked

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My favorite teacher was my math teacher.He was a special man with beautiful concepts.I loved him and I love him even if I hate math with all my soul !
   He's His name is Costel and his nickname was Tughi from his surname.He is a tall man with blond,curly and short hair,blue eyes ,strange smile ,big ears and he is a bit greasy and he wears every time shirts and a little black purse.
   ............ First time when I saw him I was afraid because I thought he is a mad an close person,but he is the opposite .He teached me math,he gave me quotes ,ideas and advice for life ,for future.He told ........ me that we don't learn just in school but in life all the time you learn new things.He told me the fear is just an excuse  cause you need to do something to know if the fear is false or real .He was always near me indirectly  with his soul .He is a warm and gentle person with a best experience in life and with a best education. He is an exemplary teacher. who considers and treats his students as like his children.

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I'm glad you had a teacher like this! Sometimes it doesn't matter what he teaches as long as he made you to feel comfortable at his class and also he teaches you life lesson which are very important for us! Nice composition!



I am very happy for you and I know how awesome is to have a teacher that understands you. It makes you like whatever subject he or she teaches and gives you the courage to tell him or her about what is bothering you. The life lessons he or she teaches you are priceless, belive me.
P.S: you forgot the s from deserves


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » former teacher you liked