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Long distance relationship

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A long distance relationship is that moment when you are with someone  just spiritual....... [asta e o opinie, or aici, in intro, trebuie sa identifici neutru situatiile, cadrul, personajele, istoricul, importanta]. I believe that a long distance relantionship doesn't work, for a number of reason.... .
Fistly, for me a relationship at distance is the bad thing ever, because we both will suffer, because we are  far away from the person that we love. I mean we can wait, we can say that all will be alright but this is just a lie because we can't make face to the reality so we hope and hope and hope  but it is just bul...shit, we should live to pass away, to enjoy the life.
Secondly, the couple can be really in love, the truth love of their life, but when 2 people are are separated by nature, .... is inevitable for them to have ....other relationship I mean, ...... knowing new people, interacting with somebody else, that love of each other will be ruined, maybe the feelings will be there forever, but the things will be not the same.
In the other hand, I also believe that you both live for love, you will be fine, you will love each other in every moment, maybe for that moment when you will be far from each other will be a little bit hard, but you will survive. Obviously, ..... depends ... how kind of person you are.
In conclusion, a long distance relationship is a hard thing, you should love too much for this to survive.

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I could say that I'm afraid of distance relationships. I don't think I could be happy in such a relationship. As you said, feeling must be very strong to keep two people together without meeting for a long time. I think the two people need to have a lot of things in common to have what to talk to each other, because in their case communication is really the most important.


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