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Venice carnaval masks

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My family and I have traveled to lots of countries, we saw and experienced lots of special moments, we've been in places that I couldn't imagine to exist, we've been to medieval carnivals and unique art museums, but one of the most beautiful holidays was the one from when I was in Venice in spring for the carnival of masks.
It starts with forty days before Easter and it ends with the celebration of the Easter's berth. Even though I went twice to that beautiful festival, each time it managed to impress me. The festival was always a place of unrestrained joy. The costumes lit up the spring's day, a riot of color to rival any gardener's paradise. Music filled the air, festive beats lifted the spirits and made the people want to move, jump and sing. It was a time to celebrate being alive, celebrate the wonders of creation and be one with the community. The air tasted so heavenly with the chefs alongside the parade, every delicious thing ready to be shared with friends.
The preparations take months before we could enjoy that amazing performance. While many events, particularly the opulent masquerade balls, require invitations and have steep ticket prices, many others, like the candle-lit parade of boats, concerts, and street performances, are free and open to the public.
Every minute spent in there was like a dream, being surrounded by characters such as the ones from fairytales and admiring the games of colors and lights.

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Wow! That was really beautiful and now I want to go there by myself and see these amazing things like medieval carnivals and unique art museum which I think are amazing places. I am happy for you that you like to travel and find new places like this because besides that you have the opportunity to see how is in another cities you also find new things that maybe you would find only if you go there.


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Unusual » Venice carnaval masks