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How some people dress

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The clothes don't have a very important role in people's life. They don't make them a good or a bad person, but they can tell ........ some things about the personality. I will talk about the people that dress from expersive stores and wear a fancy outfit even if they go to the corner store.
We all know that person that literally feels the need of buying expensive clothes just for showing how great and cool he is. That person that can't even look at you (and if he can he will be disgusted) if you........ shirt doesn't cost at least 100 RON. That horrible person that will make fun of you if you are not dressed "fashionable........" as in Vogue Magazine.
Well, I think that kind of human is terrible........ frustrated. He is sad because he can't prove any of his skills by another method, apart from his dressing style. You have to understand that you can't change this kind of people because they grow up like that. Their parents gave them everything they wanted and now they have the claim to get everything on the tray. All you can do is accept it, not being jealous because you wouldn't want to be like them and, last but not least, you should not give them too much attention (or not at all) because they will feel special instead of what they truly need to feel.

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I TOTALLY ageee with you!!! I'm just fed up about this kind of people and sometimes I'm disgusted by them!! They think that the world revolve around money and expensive clothes and this is all matters for them. I like very much the way you think and how you see the people and things around. Veeeeryyy nice and smart composition!!



Hello, ABG23. By the way you're telling this story, I guess that this happened to you. Well, I've been there, too. There was a girl that was my classmate from 5th grade to 8th grade, that I quite disliked (I'll call her Anne, though that's not her real name). Anne and her friends always mocked me (sometimes directly, sometimes just gossiped) for the way I dress. I'm not the most fashionable girl, but I still deserve to be  respected. One time, she and her BFF gossiped about me.... while they were sitting approximately 20 cm far from me. I honestly found that hilarious, because, as I got accustomed to the problem I started pitying them for not having something better to do. Remember, don't let bulling brig you down.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » How some people dress