Humanity has concerned themselves with appearance for millennia, each civilization striving to achieve perfection. Many claim, however, that this has become a major problem in the last decades, so is it better to have exceptionally good looks than to be of average appearance?
On the one hand, being exceptionally attractive is regarded as a highly positive trait by most people, as it has multiple perks. Highly charismatic people attract others around them, thus having access to more opportunities and having the possibility of creating more helpful or meaningful relationships. Moreover, attractive people statistically have more chances of getting certain jobs or finding better partners, whereas average looking people generally need to work a bit harder for the exact same things.
On the other hand, being good looking has many downsides. There may be pressure to maintain one’s appearance in every moment of their life which could undoubtedly get very stressful. In addition, charismatic people are always envied by some individuals and in a few but unfortunate cases, such envy can result in hateful actions and dangerous situations. Furthermore, good looks can attract shallow, manipulative or untrustworthy people that can create a toxic environment for the person and burden,whereas average looking people have a higher chance of meeting and creating genuine friendships by attracting people with their personality, humor or intellect.
To conclude, being exceptionally attractive may present benefits but it also has its downfalls. Personally, I believe it is better to have average looks and to gain anything in life through hard work and passion.

foarte fain, dar ar fi trebuit sa scrii opinion essay, nu for and against

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