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Something that I've found to be quite interesting online

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Sooo... I don't usually watch TV , but when I want to see something I just search what I desire on the internet, and I mostly watch different movies, you know, that 'classics', for teenagers like me that are full of hormones (I'm talking about romantic movies, obviously)...
But, the past weekend I've seen several photos of some actor who plays 'Lucifer' (it's a TV series that is shown on Netflix, or, if your mamma doesn't give you money for paying the subscription, on several pirated sites).I don't really like this shows because I think that all of them has an action that's stretched out in a totally annoying way. Nevertheless, I wanted to take a look at this popular and good wannabe tv series... And so I did : I just took a look, I've watched 2 seasons in 7 days... What can I say, it catched my attention, a little bit... I find it to be very, uhm, inconventional, because it transforms all our beliefs about the face of the devil, about the religion itself, kind of. It's all irronic: the Devil, called, as a human being, Lucifer Morningstar, goes to the therapist in order to get help to understand himself better, and he FALLS IN LOVE really really bad for a policewoman... However, the plea concerning all the ironical stuff in this show can be lengthened until it become...... a novel.
I have to addmit: now I watch at least one episode per day, if my eyes are not feeling like being attacked by the light of the screen.

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I like Lucifer too!!! I like your point of view and I agree with it. I think it's strange how this series could change our mentality about how the devil actually is, also the others angels, but can't say nothing than I love it!



Well, sometimes good things pop up in our lives out the blue. Still itís always nice to find joy in something. I also came across Lucifer with no expectations, but I was left wanting more. Itís a really good show filled with memorable moments and cliffhangers. Hopefully we will get a fifth season.



Ok I haven't watched Lucifer yet, but it is on my list of tv shows I plan to watch. And honestly, the devil going to therapy seems like a pretty interesting premise. But I'm guessing the rest of the people in the underworld aren't exactly happy with this new, therapy-seeking Lucifer?


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Something that I've found to be quite interesting online