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Family reunion

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What is family for me?
There are lots of people that have no idea how it is ............ to have a real family, whose spiritual happiness that family offer.... is fooled with material value. For me the family is not only a group of people that you spent time with and share life with, .......... is more than that, ......... is that special group in your life that will always be there for you no matter what because you just love one another and you were meant to grow up together and be of the same blood. I feel lucky that my life is differently related to others that I have lots of memories of my childhood running with my cousins around my auntís home hiding from her huge but friendly dog that made me smile only with his presence years in a row or staying with my grandfather in the little forest from the bottom of the garden after helping him with the cleaning of the trees. Or the most amazing moments when we were all together, meaning twenty-two grandchildren and grand-grandchildren, with parents and everything, in a big house for family-reunion on Christmas holidays. Imagine how it is to be with that much children in the same house running and playing with everything they were finding and how much food there had to be on the table to be enough for everyone, adults had to work hard day after day before they could stay with the closest ones and enjoy the holiday, but Iím sure that every little effort deserved for those beautiful and unique moments that weíve spent together as a family. I remember now when fathers found somewhere in a cupboard a Santa suit and came to us wearing it and pretending to be him and I just started crying because I was the only one that realized that itís not real(even though I was the smallest one) and no one believed me. Maybe that day I wasnít thinking how important it is to live every little moment of your life so I didnít give that much importance to what happened that days but now if I think about it I remember with nostalgy, missing all that things from when I was little and everything was just a game. I miss being around my family singing carols for my grandparents and then waiting for grandfather to tell us little jokes and give us something that we loved(chocolate and money with whom we could buy more chocolate). But now I miss that jokes whom I didnít give that much importance because I was too little to realize that one day there will be silence, there will be no jokes, just a piece of a rock in front of my eyes, now that day has come.

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Aww.. these essay was beautiful and made me think about how important Is family for me and I need to appreciate it more especially right now when I am still a child.Every moment spend with them is special and in the future we are going to remember these lovely these with joy.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Family reunion