One year ago I met a millionaire, whoís name is John, and thanks to him I really changed my mindset. I realized that money was not as important as I thought . I used to think that money could solve pretty much evrerything and itís not like that . Something bad can happen to you at anytime or you can lose everything you have in just one second and the point is that those things donít  even matter , what matter is with what you left .I realized that just listening to his inspirational life story.
He had been stuck on a desert island for almost 4 or 5 months and the fact that he is rich didnít help him ,he had to to survive on his own. His private plane collapsed on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean.  He woke up very confused on the beach and for the moment he didnít realized how lucky he had been ,the plane had been completely destroyed ,the pilot had died and he had the chance to remain alive. Everything left from the plane was just some pieces of iron and a bag full of money that he transported with him . He had to survive just with things that could be find on the island like bananas , coconuts and stuff like that. That experience made him realize how money was not  important ; he had a bag full of money while he was stuck on that island and the only thing he could do with it was to use it to ignite the fire . He discovered that  money is not that important in our lives because you canít buy happiness . What matters the most is to live your life to the fullest , to enjoy to live ,to be healthy not to spend your life working just to make money because doing this you are wasting your life.
Iím glad that Iíve met him because he really changed my mindset and I'm proud of that.

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