The last thing I remembered was arguing with my friend Daisy, who desperately wanted to go to some festival on our last day at the sea.............. side . It seemed she had won, since we were in a cab headed to some beach with a bunch of half naked, half sober people. I never enjoyed crowds and anything of that sort, but Daisy is a very persuasive person, and sometimes manages to reach my less introverted side.
We got out of the cab and immediately the smell of cheap booze and fireworks invaded my nostrils and the smoke clouded my vision. I felt lost in the abundance of lights and their reflections in the unsettled sea. Daisy took my hand and dragged me towards the bar. The barman was creepy, the booze tasted bad and the whole thing looked like a cheap stand selling overpriced drinks to teens. Still, I went thought it and drank a little. When I turned around, facing the stage, the light became more pleasant and the people seemed less gross, or maybe I was becoming one of them. The blue fairy lights on my left started to fade into their own reflection in the salty water.
The air was getting hotter, even if the night was increasingly colder. I looked up and the stars seemed pale, overpowered........... by the big stage lights right in front of me. I had no idea how I ..............had got there or where Daisy was. I looked up again, and then stumbled around looking for her. The starts were more beautiful as I got further away from the loud stage.
The music was barely audible over all the fuss around me: people were dancing, some in pairs, along a rhythm only they knew, others along to the music on the stage, jumping and cheering from time to time. I looked at all of them. My vision was like a badly shot movie, like an old camera that gets stuck while recording. It was still clouded by the smoke coming from everywhere. It was intoxicatingly beautiful there: the lights, the music. It made the rest of the world disappear, it made me feel like there ..............was nothing behind the small fence, only seen because of the tiny golden lights intertwined with the twigs.
I went further away from the people, far enough to see all of it at once, far enough to get an outside view. It was beautifully out of sync, with the lights now half broken and completely asymmetrical and everyone dancing to music in their minds rather the one actually playing, yet they were feeling good about it.
I lit up a cigarette I found in my pocket and looked at the beach that was had been empty the day before. I knew that it would be empty again the next day, that all those people that were dancing together would go their separate ways that night, but just for a moment, they were all united, feeling the same things and that was beautiful. I went back into the crowd, joining the unharmonious dance.

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