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Money over experiences

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In a world where what you buy defines who you are, it is hard to believe that people care about anything else than the brand they wear and their social status. Despite that, people travel more than ever before, so which aspect is valued more: the material or the spiritual one?

On one side hand, money comes and goes, but one's joy and memories last forever. The act of buying things doesn't make someone happy, researchers saidsay, that [conjunctie] it is the relief of crossing something off the to do list, which explains why people get bored easily fast with their purchases. In addition to that, being fulfilled spiritually adds on to the quality of life. Usually, people who come back from a trip or who have done something they enjoyed become more energetic and full of life, happier than those who buy a new car, for example.

On the other hand, being financially stable gives a certain freedom of movement and choice that nothing else can aquire. People that do well with money have more and better options regarding healthcare, education, investments and so on, thus increasing the standard of life living. Moreover, as the saying goes, there's a time for everything and youth is a perfect period for evolving intelectually and advancing in career. More often than not, a trip can be delayed, but the time wasted not working in youth can never be recovered and can influence and alter one's career path later in life.

In conclusion, there are arguments on both sides, when it comes to personal fulfilment and happiness or better oportunities and time management, but I think that a balance between doing things that one has to do and those they love to do is a goal we must aspire to.

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Hi! I just read what you wrote above and I totally agree with you. Today we are running and stressing for things that do not really define us and so we miss the real essence of life. I think we need a little awareness about this.



You're right. The things will be always good if you find a balance between them. It's ok to have money and being financially stable, but also it matters the spiritual part and how you enjoy your life. Running for money all of your life is the worst thing you can do, and also wasting time and don't do anything with your life. Nice composition!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Money over experiences