We live in a gorgeous era , composed by technological innovation , democracy and many other facilities that our predecessors  could not even think .... . Related to driving development and experience , the cars, in our beautiful times are rather independent than conditioned by humans . ...... Is spectacular that a car, nowadays, can possible transport a person from a point A to a point B safely and with a gr...ate mood for passengers. Whether we are rich or poor , we all admit that since adolescence we dream ..... ow...ing  an expensive car ..... as Ferrari. But we also dream to have, as soon as possible, ... driving license to fulfill our dream .

        I think that teenagers should obtain the driving license, and start to drive as soon as possible for a number of reasons which I will list bellow:

First of all , comparing  to older times , teenagers from nowadays have a big advantage on their side: technology . New cars are equipped with a thon of ride assistance ,preventing  crush detectors and programs, which diminishes the required driver’s abilities, sometimes becoming a passenger . For example Ford has implemented from a pretty long period of time the “active park assist “ technology that resumes the lateral parking  to a push of a button. As well as Ford, but at a higher level car producer is Tesla ,a revolution in the field of electric cars,  which created a car that potentially can autonomous... drive from a destination to another, ..... safely than a person would do. Unfortunately this car is banned by legal causes .

        Second of all , the nowadays teenagers have a larger variety of activities comparing to the generation behind them. These activities require a fast travel between them to be accomplished: between school and spo...t activities and others. For example Alex , one of my old friends has a 16 years old child who just finished the driving school , being able to drive 550cc cars . Also, Alex is very happy because, before his son optained his driving license , Alex  was in the situation to take him ... and bring him to school every day.

        Even if some say that teenagers from actual generation are irresponsible , because of the facilities offered by technology ,and by their way of thinking , if we are realistic , between a teenager and a driving license .... is an important exam which rejects all of the people without driving abilities.

        So,  not only the  teenager , but in many cases the older people are rejected  if they don't have driving abilities.

        Even if some say that ... is dangerous to drive as a teenager , because of their lack of experience , in reality the experience is compensated by the new technologies , driver license being something necessarily at a young age. I think that in the near future , all cars will have autonomous driving capabilities , making the driving exam being useless , and the car, in general sense, an object that anyone could use , no mater haw old they are.

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