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Food court

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Last weekend I went out with my friends. After hours of shopping and having fun we were hungry so we decided to go to the food court to eat something.
            When we arrived we were shocked of hoe empty it was because usually at that hour it was crowded. Anyway I wasn’t sure what to order so I decided to look around. The first one I checked was a Chinese shop. It was really small and cramped. The walls were decorated with things related to the Chinese culture, like the well-known dragon.  The next one was a fast food but I skipped it because I try to avoid food full in fat. I care about my health so I try to eat as healthy as possible. After that I went to a Mexican shop. Compared to the other two, this one was full of bright colors and wonderful scents. However I’m not a big fan of spicy food no matter how good it looks. Next to it there was a Romanian shop full tradition food.
           Just because I was looking for healthy and satisfying dish it didn’t stopped me from taking a peek at delicious sweets. First I laid my eyes on an ice cream stand. There were so many flavors to choose from, like chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, mango, pomegranate, passion fruit, there was even one called “Hello Kitty”. :rofl:   For me, my all-time favorite is tiramisu. It’s really good and is has such a unique texture. Next to it there was a shop were there were sold all kinds of chocolate and cakes. Only looking at them was pure torture but I had decided to avoid products with lots of sugar.
           I ended up buying a salad from Salad Box a shop were they make and sell only salads but they have many different types and also the salesclerks are very nice, helpful and understanding.



Nice story! I like that you were looking for  healthy food and it is a very important thing. I appreciate this  but at the same time I think that at the food court it doesn't exists something  healthy. I also want to say that I like the  sweets too, the ice cream being one of my favorite things.



Nice! Your story is full of details, which is good because it's a description, you also wrote your opinion and you put your fellings, too. I can see that you write from your own life and experience, I like that you are writing from the real world.
          I wanted to tell you that adding emoticons is interesting and it's giving color to the text.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Food court