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It is better to point out friends failings than to kindly ignore them

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Many people have the idea that "A friend in need is a friend indeed". This refers to the fact that you must always be with your friends, support them and give advice to them, both for better and for worse, and they have to do these things for you as well.
Furthermore it is better to point out friends failings than to kindly ignore them so that they can correct themselves and they can know better where they stand.
   Firstly, if you talk to your friend about their failure, but not in a rude way so you don't make them feel bad, then they will be able to do everything they can to succeed next time. In other words, they must be encouraged, they need a good word of advice from you. For example  if your friend fails the driver exam, you have to be close to them and tell them that next time will be better.
   Secondly, if you ignore friends failings, maybe they will not know that they are wrong, they don't realize the gravity of the situation and what consequences it may have. For this reason it's important to talk to them about it in a nice way, to tell them our opinions and give them proper advice. For example, if you were at a party and your friend drank too much and as a result he danced horribly and everyone else laughed at him, but he remembers nothing about this, you have to tell him that he was mocked at so next time he will be more careful at dosing the quantity of alcohol.
   To sum up, many times people prefer to keep silent and avoid potential conflicts when it comes to friends failings. They don't open this topic with their friends either they don't know how to tackle the issue, or because they think that they will upset them, but it is always better to point out your friends failings than to kindly ignore them.



I really think the same way you do. Pointing out mistakes (in a polite way) is the best you can do for your friends when they are "in need". It will always help them in their future, because we all learn from our mistakes. As I always say, I appreciate the structure of your text, so I recommend having it in every text, even if not as visible. I would like your piece even better if your vocabulary was a bit more diverse, but that will get better with time and reading. Otherwise, I think it's all good. Have a nice day :)



I agree with you! If you want to be a good friend, you have the duty tell the truth, even it hurts. A true friend have the responsability to point out friends failings, to support them, like you said, it matters in which way you talk with your friend, it is better to be polite, so your friend will listen what you said. Of course, i like the example when somebody drinks too much at a party! Have a nice day!

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » It is better to point out friends failings than to kindly ignore them