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An outing with " friends"

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Do you ever  have that feeling that something is not going to be alright? This happened to me recently when one of my friends, letís  call her Ann called me at 8 p.m. I was quite surprised because she usually never calls me. So I picked up the phone and right before I could say anything, Ann said that she want to meet up with me now. I wasnít very sure about this: I mean, not only she never calls me without a reason, but I didnít want any trouble. Plus, Ann had been my friend since childhood so I couldnít leave her.
       I tried to ask her why but she just said that we were going to meet with some of her friends and we are going to do a quick trip to the forest. I wasnít really sure if that was the right thing to do, but i didnít want to look like a fool. So I ended the call and picked up my jacket and left.
     I met Ann down the street and her so called friends. Maybe I forgot to tell you this but she and I had 16 years old so for me meeting with some guys that were 30 years old in the middle of the night was kind of odd. But Ann seemed to be fine with it. She was always that out-going friend in our relationship, that emo girl that is actually super popular. She was kind of a troublemaker, but she was my friend. So even if those friends of hers seemed kind of strange, I just rolled with it.
   They were smoking some sort of cigarettes but the smell wasnít the same as the normal ones.  Five minutes after my arrival, they started walking toward the forest near the city. It was a cold night and I was stressed. I donít like this situation but when I tried to talk to Ann she just said that I was just being stupid. Anyway, when we entered the forest there was an abandoned house that the boys seemed to know. They entered and when I saw what was inside I almost threw up: there were dead bodies of animals and humans on the floor and some weird drawings on the walls. In that moment, I walked outside the building and I started running toward the city. I think I heard Ann screaming behind me, but I just couldnít return. I arrived home, locked the door and called the police.
    I donít know what happened after that. All I know is that the police arrested those people and that Ann never came back. But what I do know is that I learned not to trust anybody.

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Great story! I loved how you built up the tension and just to reveal such an unique plot twist. The only thing I think you should've talked more about are the characters. You created such interesting personalities but you didn't say much about them (however, it's just my opinion). I can't wait for you to post again. I love all your stories!



I feel like a saw an episode of Riverdale. Iím quite sure you took some inspiration from there hence the dead animals and weird drawings. Hopefully this is all fiction, but the conclusion is as real as it gets. We all need to be careful and to avoid shady people. Even if itís sounds strange,  trusting your gut is the most important thing that you can do.



Wow! You scared me really badly! I don't know if this is a true story or invented, but was super scary. I could feel it from the start! Except the horror part the story is great. But, even if that happened I don't think is good to not trust anyone. Maybe after a time you make yourself brave and try to trust your friends again, not necessarily all of them.



Hi! The story was peetty cool. I like how you built the tension up, giving the readers the feeling that something was amiss throughout the entire story and keeping them on the edge of their seats until you got to the abandoned house.

Still, I feel like the story could've benefited from being longer, maybe by drawing out some parts, like the descriptions of the guys and the house



This story is almost identical to one in a horror movie. It gives you the feeling that something is missing and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I think it would be pretty succesfull as a movie. I would have added a little more information about the forest or a more detailed description of those boys.


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