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20 years of our lives

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20 years. That's about how much time we spend in these institutions called 'schools'. If an average person lives for about 80 years, that means we spend almost a quarter of our lives there - if not more. Unfortunately, these 'students' tend to believe that everything - or at least the most things - that refer to school is are boring. ... 20 years... What for?
I started this composition the way I started because I wanted to highlight how sad it is that such an important part of our lives is spent at school, where we can seldom meet teachers that are open-minded, teachers that don't only think about knowledge, but also about how to take a break for it. 
I was fortunate enough to have met not only one, but several teachers of those I described earlier and I must say I feel blessed to have had such people as teachers. One example that I can share with you is from primary school. There was this CEO principal of that school that had the habit of bringing his friend during classes, whenever he had the opportunity. Together, they used to cheer us up, no matter how sad, lonely, disappointed we felt. We were just kids, so the only problems we could have had, were whether we could eat Snickers for dinner or not. But anyway, on.......e once or twice a month that CEO principal came into each and every classroom ( the way Santa comes every year into each and every house) and brought his dear friend along. Every other teacher seemed not to care that their classes were disturbed by their visit. Now, you may be asking how is it that they managed to cheer us up all of a sudden. The answer is simple: by singing. He would walk into the classroom, we would greet him and then he would take his friend out of her comfortable bag and would start singing together. I have been keeping something from you and that's why this seems so weird. You actually need to know who this friend was, or more accurately what his friend was. She was a violin. That's right. His friend was a violin, the violin!! He was so good at playing this friendly instrument that we would often find ourselves dancing in the narrow spaces between the desks [aisles]. One word: magical. I loved him. We loved him. Everybody loved him; not because he knew how to play the violin, but because he knew what we needed: a break. :)

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I like the beginning of your story quite a lot, as I think most students also face these questions at one point in their 20 years of their mostly boring education. I also like that you waited until the end to reveal that his 'friend' was the violin, that ads intrigue to your story. Nice work!!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » 20 years of our lives