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A former teacher I liked

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I remembered that one of my teacher who was a really kind and a very good person was my french French  teacher.
                I met her in the sixth grade and I want to say that at the beginning I didn't like her very much but over time I realised that she was a nice teacher. She had short black hair ,  brown eyes  and of course she was wearing a pair of glasses. She explained ....... to us every  hour everything we didn't know that I started to like french French and of course I got many good results. Now thanks to her I know the basics of this language.
               My french French teacher was calm almost everytime, she was also very modest, simple, patient even if some students  were very naughty because they didn't like french French, simple. One day,  I had to go in on another city because I had a medical problem and my mother came to the school to tell my french teacher that I will would not be present to the last hour class, french, and of course to ask for the permission. The teacher told my mother that I was one of her best students. She told my mother only beautiful words about me. I didn't know that she had the same feelings for me but I was delighted and my mother too. Though my aunt live.......... is living in Switzerland and she could have helped me in learning the french language I preffered preferred to learn it from my teacher. My French teacher learnt taught me that the people must should be appreciated after their moral values and not after their financial values.
                I also like other teachers but I will not list them here because, in a very special and particular way, she is the only one who has caught  my attention and this is the reason why I respect her.

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Nice composition! Personally, I don't like French but when you have a good teacher who inspire you a good vibe you can get to love that subject. I'm happy you admire and respect your teacher so much, I think she is a good teacher!



Honestly it is amazing how much teachers can change your opinions regarding the subjects they are teaching. It truly says a lot about people, how important it is for them to connect with the person teaching them.

I am glad you had a good teacher, especially for a class like french.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A former teacher I liked