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Last year I went to an amazing festival named "Autumn festival" and this was situated in the Copou Park. I went there with one of my best friends because she was interested in everything which belonged to nature. All began when in on that morning she texted me and told me about this festival. Initially I thought that it would  be a bad idea but till at last I accepted.
                  We entered the Park and we saw a lot of stalls where you could find different types of arrangements  specific ...............to autumn and to taste the riches of autumn,  for example the fruits: grapes, pears, quince, plumps plums, nuts  and of course the vegetables: potatoes, pepper, egg plants, carrots etc. The trees had a lot of yellow, orange and dark red leaves and the banks benches
were arranged in a way that made you feelput you in a very good mood. The carpet made by from leaves completed the image of the story. Though the autumn wasn't my favourite season however that colorful landscape made me feel thankful for the new school year  which was a new stage of  my life. The wish of reviewing to see my classmates, my teachers again created gave me me an emotional state. At a certain time I saw a lot of people that were going to  one of the stalls and because me and my friend my friend and I were curious  we went in that direction. There a man smashed the grapes and in an other part of the stall we saw more glasses with  wine  and the smell was great  and fresh. After a certain time we heard a noise, then we saw that people .............. hadstarted to dance. We realised that someone who was on a stage ........... begahad begun to sing popular folkmusic. It was a really good festival.
               That was a very beautiful experience because I saw  things that I didn't know  and  of course because I spent my time with my friend. We decided to came come back next day because we wanted to find out more about the traditional things.

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 What you describe seems to be a very beautiful event! And most importantly, you have made a wonderful memory with your friend. And I'm glad to hear you feel good in your new stage in your life, high school. :cool:



I like to hear that you had a nice time. I would like to go to that festival. Your story is interesting, detailed and it's making me curious about the festival.
          Personal, I think you should say "yes" more often and if you don't like it, than you can say that you don't want to anymore.



I like how you described the landscape and the atmosphere from there. It's seems like a scenery of a story when you see what could do the mother nature and you it feels like a dream seeing the beauties os atumum. I would like to go too at this kind of festival!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Festival