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A former teacher I liked

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In the the middle school I had a lot of teacher... teachers because at some objects I had a different teacher every year, but mostly I had two teachers I liked very much and I really can say I learned more important things which I will talk about it it. I know that the topic is about one teacher i used to like, but i can't decide between this those two teachers so i will mentioned mention both.
Firstly, one of them is my math teacher (ex math teacher). She is a serious, strict and very calm person, but also also she is kind and honest. Classes with her were quiet and we didn't disturb the class because, how as I said, she was strict, however we didn't feel like in ..... the army with her. She taught us very well and she always wanted us to learn better so sometimes she did more classes for us like in 6th grade she spend spent one more hour with us every week doing math over her schedule without be.... being paid. Sometimes she put one more point in our test to that we would have a bigger grade. I learned from her to keep my calm and my patience and Iím very thankful I studied math with her because I understood this object subject very well.
The second one is my physics teacher. He is a very calm, kind and patient man, also funny and very dedicated in his job. He knew that physics is not a very easy object so he didnít stress us with all that bored those boring definitions and he had a very good style of  teaching very good making us to understand at for what practical things we need physics and he got us easy definitions to understand the phenomenon, not just to have a long definition which no one understand... understandsit it. he always kept his calm in class although we werenít quietly and we made noise. Furthermore he was our favorite teacher. Like from my math teacher, I learned from him to be very patient.

adauga o concluzie

I think I'm very lucky that I had those amazing teachers who learned me very much things and I hope one day I could do the same for another kids.

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It is a nice composition. I like  the way you described your former teachers and that you respect them . It  is a very important thing how they were. I mean they have caught your attention and because of that you learnt these subjects dearly.



I like how you described the teachers.  I can see how mach you liked them and looked after them because you used very specific details.
          I think you are lucky, because not too many children have a former teacher that they liked and you have two.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A former teacher I liked