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Out with my best friend

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I really have no idea for this topic but I have no other option but to write something basic.

So I once had a super nice dress, thing only my mom and I agreed on. And because it was so nice I had to wear it out to be very confident and pretty for once. I called my best friend and explained the situation to her. She agreed that it would've been a waste to not wear it out. It was perfect timing too 'cause she had to get a shirt printed at carrefour and my mum too had to buy some things from there. So she gave me a shopping list and got me out of the house pretty quick. My friend took a lot of time to get ready. I think that's the only thing I don't like about her, that she's always late.

We got out and took the bus which was super empty, reason of joy for both of us. She got the t shirt super fast and the guy who worked there annoyed me. Like, you don't pull someone else's usb stick without clicking 'eject'. Like who did he think he was huh?? Anyway, we got to the supermarket afterwards so that I'd buy what my mum told me to. I faked looking around for the items and ended up buying very expensive sushi.

We headed out very proud of our acquisitions and went to the bus stop. We ate the sushi in the back of the bus.

That was the highlight of my entire month I think. The thing is it was not only going out with a friend, it was feeling the warmth and comfort of a family I chose, that I trust. It was much more than an outing with a friend it was more like a safe space she created for me and that I created  for her everywhere we went.

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It seems like an interesting day! I like sushi too, but I like to eat it in proper conditions not in the back of a bus..Whatever, spending time with your best friend is always fun and it's a way for the two of you to create memories.  ^^



I'm very glad you have such a good best friend who you could consider like an another family because the time spent with her is very precious. I like your story, also that you have many details about the entire day. :)



I didnít expect the sushi part of your story. That was quite a surprise for me. Anyhow, itís true that friends are the family that we choose. We need to surround ourselves with positive people that share some of our values. Also itís really important to spend time with friends since life can get quite hectic.



That was so heartwarming! Friends really are like a second family and I am so glad you found someone that made you feel that. The story was not basic at all! Actually it surprised me how much emotion it ended up giving a simple going out with a friend. Also, I laughed about the sushi part (I love it too).


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Out with my best friend