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It was a sunny day.[spune contextul, ce zi era].................I woke up faster earlier, then I washed my teeth and my face and after all these activities I went to the kitchen and I ate my delicious breakfast,  pancakes with chocolate and I drank a glass of natural  orange juice. Because it was too late I took my schoolbag  and I went outside and of course I took a taxi and the driver left me in front of a shop. I had to went go to buy something  because I remembered that I .......... had forgot...... forgotten that  thing at home. I entered the shop and when I was sure that I havehad all the things which I may need inon that day, I went to the school, but suddenly in front of me appeared an old friend who was crying and she also was alone. I ran to her and she told me that her mother had end-stage cancer and she couldn't stay in the hospital ....... seeing to see her mother dying. I tried to calm her down but I couldn't, then I asked her where were her mother and her father wereand she told me that her father ..........had left them when he heard that his wife had cancer. After she told me all the events that ............had happened in her life in a short period of time I found out that her mother is wasat the hospital which was close to us. I told her that I wanted to go to see her mother and she went with me but, when we arrived, my friend began to cry. Her mother was really slim skinny because of the disease and she also didn't have hair on her head. I was really scared but, in at the same time, I had a strange feeling. I called my mother and I told her that I couldn't go to school because my friend needed me and she agreed with me. We stayed there 1 hour and then, because my friend was really tired, we decided to go to the cafe of the hospital but we couldn't stay a long time because other friends came  to support her. When the moon and  the stars  appeared in the sky I remembered that someone had been treated by for cancer with  goat milk and I also remembered that my grandparents had goats at their farm. I called faster quicklymy mother and I told her about my plan and when she heard my idea she went faster  quickly when she heard my idea[/b] to take the milk from my grandparents.  When she gave me the  bottle of milk I told my friend about this and on her face I could see a small smile. I poured the milk in a cup and my friend's mother drank that but nothing happened. Her mother had the same mood. The girl felt fell asleep and me too. In On the next day my mother woke me up because she had very good news. The milk ............ had made its effect and of course my friend's mother was better. We were really happy. The doctor told us that it was like a marvel and that in a few days she will can would go home with her daughter.
Now me and that girl are very good friends and she tells me every time she sees me that she will never forget what I did for her but I think that she exagerrates. I  think that this is just the miracle of our friendship.

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Wow! I don't have words! Your story is really touching. What you did, for your friend, was very nice.
GOOD!  :love:
          You are a good friend and you have a big heart! You even may be right, it's possible that the girl's mother was better because of your friendship and kindness!



your essay is amazing!! the story is great and I've been totally into the story while I was reading it. I think you are a very good friend and I'm glad you could help her and her mother. :>


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Disease