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Story of an injury

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This story starts when I was about six or maybe seven years old. I can remember every single detail because it was so terrifying for me.
The summer between kindergarten and primary school it was the most horrible and ugly summer vacation I have ever had because this same year when the story starts my father died and I had a lot of ups and downs.
I was in Copou park with a friend from kindergarten and we were silly like we would climb trees and jump on park benches and run around the park again and again. It was fun for us but one day I was wearing flip-flops and I forgot to mention that I had a really bad habit with flip-flops. I would bend the front part again and again until when I walk they would bend and they would getstuck in some part of the street.
So after all we were in Copou park and we were running and acting silly and I donít know what happened but we were running towards our parents and suddenly my flip-flops got stuck in I donít know what stupid thing and I fell really bad and I scratched both of my elbows, both of my knees and my nose. And when I mean scratched I donít mean like a little bit I mean like a serious injury and I got blood all over me and I couldnít get up from the ground so my mom who was literally so close to me came and helped me. My friendís mother started to scream at her because she thought that she tripped me but it wasnít her fault, it was actually my fault and my stupid flip-flops didn't help in this situation.
When I got home I think this is one of the most horible things I can remember my mother disinfected my injuries and everything was fine but the pain I felt in that moment got stuck in my head and I canít compare it with something else and this is the reason I told you this story so you can stop playing with your flip-flops. :)

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well done! I can't say anything about the idea itself, because even if I had injured myself so many times, I can't really remember the pain, so I can't relate. But I remember how I would also play with my flip-flops. The composition is well written, but I must confess that in the beginning, I had the feeling that you were going to talk about your father, and after finishing reading I felt like you forgot to say something about that. All in all, I liked it!!



I agree with you about how flip-flops aren't good because in the past I used to play as you did but never scratched that bad. I am sorry about your dad and I imagine it was hard for you when you were little and you were just trying to avoid that but in childood, you should play anything you want and how much you can and take advantage of the energy you have because childhood it made to be one of the happiest parts of your life, and make fun memories as much as you can.



Honestly, flip flops are quite impractical. Yes, when you are at a poll or something similar they do come in handy, but in other situation they are no good. Once, I lost one of my flip flops in the see due to a huge wave that couldíve drowned me. Anyways, childhoods are filled with stories like this. Itís important to remember the good times.



I am really, really sorry! It's a sad and scarry story. I injured myself too, not like you but bad, so i can try feeling how painful it was.
          I liked the part where you were saying how happy you were when you were running and playing in the park, it brought me to my days of running!



I am sorry this happened to you. Flip flops really suck sometimes. I still remember the times when I would wear them while riding my bike and they would constantly get caught in it. They even got so bad once one basically just fell off.  I guess the moral of the story is "Don't do flip flops, kids"



I imagine how bad you must felt knowing that it was your fault. I would rather hurt myself, than hurt other people and than living with the thought that I am responsible for what happenen to that person. When the parents are involved the guilt is even bigger and you can just hope that they would go easy on you.



This is a very relatable story because i am sure that all of us as kids had those injuries i am really sad for what happened to you but is also as a lesson for us to be careful when we are runnig. I can feal your pain when she was desinfected those wounds because when I was little i had a similar accident with a bike but unfortunetly i scratched my elbows  and my belly and it was  really painful beacuse i couldn't even sit down.  I hope you got better and i hope you don't have any scars.



This kind of moments define childhood I guess. I strongly believe that everyone has at least one memory with a bad injury. For example, I was bitten by a dog (actually a Rotvailer). My mom was really scared too. Luckily, I only have a scar, which looks pretty cool anyway :)))

O by the way, I loved going to Copou too!



I'm really sorry for what happened. Your story is pretty relatable, since almost everybody got injured at least once when they were little. While i was reading your story, i remembered that something very similar happened to me a  few years ago, in Copou park too. I was roller skating for the first time, and when i wasn't paying attention, i tripped and got myself a really bad injury on my chin, elbows and knees, the pain was just like yours even when we got home and mom took care of my injuries. Besides that, I really liked the composition and the way you told the story. Great job!


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