Everybody knows about the consequences of the so-called "chain effect"; everybody knows they can be either good and, probably, satisfactory, or they can be worse and more disastrous than the initial situation.
A few days ago, a group of four vandalists was caught by the police for trying to set on fire and eventually blow up one of the greatest historical monuments in Iasi- the Palace of Culture.
Everything began well for the malefactors: they easily entered the palace carrying huge back-packs full of well-hidden gasoline bottles, matches and a few self-made bombs. Of course, the security guard didn't notice anything because they thought the visitors to be just tourists. There was an enormous crowd inside, as a new art exhibition was about to begin. "A great addition to the initial scenery", thought the vandalists, "more victims and more panic, ..... the better". Once they managed to get to the furthest room of the building where no one could notice them, they began to put their plan in action. One vandalist began to spill gasoline all over the walls, the other two were already planting the bombs in every dark corner as the last one was casually waiting to light one of the walls with a match and, when they would leave the room, to press the red button and make everything blow up. What a great plan, isn't it? They would have appeared in every news report on TV, they would have been famous for ruining a historical monument... unless, something didn't go wrong.
At exactly 11:59 AM, everything was done, and they were only one minute away from, as they were thinking, a sensational moment. However, instead of accomplishing their wish, they heard loud footsteps which were hurriedly approaching. It was the security guard, along with the police. Then, the malefactors seemed to be in a trap; they had completely forgotten about the 24/7 surveillance in every room of the building. Nothing else could be done, so the group voluntarily let the policemen lock their hands with cuffs and calmly followed them, through the frightened crowd, to the exit of the palace. They would be transported straight to the local police department and eventually, put in jail for attempting to vandalise a historical monument.

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