Why I'm a fool? This is the question that comes to my mind everyday and every moment that I do or say something stupid. But there's something that I don't realize: everyone's life is just a list full of embarrassing moments and this is because we have a beautiful mind but we're too disinterested to use it so we do whatever comes first to our mind and these are the memories of what we see everyday on the internet, videos, photos of people who seem to be models in life or ideals, but some of them have only eight classes, stored in subconscious. The fact is that the society is the one that manipulates us to be fools, to think short. We believe everything that we see or we read because we are taught not to really understand the meaning of things.
    But will we always be a big drove of fools? Maybe someday we'll see what's around us, and who we are actually led by. we just have to open our eyes until we really become fools, some robots led easily.