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Discovering a new place in Romania

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Just when I thought I saw it all, I was surprised by something so unimaginably great! I don't leave country nor city too much, unless there is a holiday where my parents are free from work and me from school. Well, for Christmas, me with my extended family had a roadtrip to Gura Humorului.
The time I spent in the car on our way to our pension was rather boring, as I had nothing to outside of watching through the window, and even then the background was mostly just wide lanes of grass with some city parts inbetween, but those were the exciting moments. I wasn't too sure what we would actually do on this trip so anything could have happened. We arrive at the pension and leave our packaging, and then we go to eat. All said and done, I was kind of confused on what I was supposed to do after lunch. Everyone seemed to just be either taking walks outside the pension or minding their buisness inside. So I stay like a loner in the room,  where I and my parents slept, doing stuff with my phone until my brother and his girlfriend came to me and took me to a room with around 10 people of ages 16-23. They were some of their friends, and I was just really nervous meeting all these new people at first but I warmed up relatively quick. We played a bunch of different games, and go to know these people better and it was really fun. I was new to pretty much all those games and not exactly good at either, but they were pretty supportive with me and helped me understand the games and have as much fun as I could.
Second day, after breakfeast, I go outside with brother and his gf and take your sleighs to the pitifully small slope outside the building. It was sercivable, and we didn't have another choice, but I really wish we could have found a larger one because I am sure we would have had much more fun(also, there wouldn't be any of the younglings getting in our buisness!!!). Throughout the day, we went and visited a traditional showing in the city village not too far from the pension, and we thought it would be way more exciting than it actually was. Needless to say, we left earlier than we thought from there. When we came back, we were back at the slope, this time, without any of the younger kids and just us, the older group. Too bad I wasn't in the mood for it at that time, as I did hit the slope a few times with the sleigh but got bored relatively quick. Later in the day, we are back in the room, playing games again and it was great.
While the place itself wasn't what made it fun for me, it was the experiences that I had in it, and thus I consider it to be a pretty lovely place.

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You have a nice story, well written, with keywords and lot of details. The ideas are linked to each other, have continuity and are woven with some humor.
  How about the essence of the story itís really good to spend quality time with your family, especially to travel with them, to create beautiful moments because they are the ones that comete our lives and make it more interesting. Also choosing a Romanian tourist resort is a really good idea, it encourage people to spend hidays in Romania and help the echonomy of the country not giving lot of money to the guverments abord.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Discovering a new place in Romania