I have posted before asking about what it is like to live in Alaska, I got so many helpful, and truthful answers! Thank you to everyone who answered all my questions (no matter how dumb they were). Being a southern girl from Georgia, I have to say moving to literally the other side of the country scares me. My cousin participated in this program 2 years ago, and also answered many of my questions--some I did not even think to ask!! So IF I participate in this program, I know that I want to be in a city, or small town in the Southeast or South central area. I may be a small town girl that can "rough it" but roughin' it in the south is TOTALLY different from roughin' it in Alaska! So my point of this post is not so much about Alaska in general, but more specifically about the school systems. What are the worst or best school systems (and any particular schools would be great too) in the Southeast or South central areas of Alaska? As I am completing my teacher program here in Atlanta, I am realizing that just because you are in a certain area doesn't mean the school you are in will be as awful or as awesome as you thought!

Please help.

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